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Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) Full Movie Disney’s ‘Thor’ Propaganda Machine Begins Online

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Thor: Love and Thunder one of the great attractions of Thor 2 is its stellar cast for which faces well known to UCM fans are dropped, such as Chris Pratt's Peter Quill, Dave Bautista's Drax or Natalie Portman's Jane Foster . Although without a doubt, the one that has attracted the most attention is that of India Rose, the eldest daughter of Chris Hemsworth, who has played one of the most important roles in the film starring The God of Thunder.

How to watch Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) Full Movie The Red Carpet World Premier.

Thor: Love and Thunder 2 of the great engines of Taika Waititi's film are family and love. It is for this very reason that Hemsworth himself has wanted to make known the importance of the role played by the character of his daughter, who plays Love, the daughter of Christian Bale's Gorr, in the Marvel movie.

In fact, despite the fact that her presence in the film is brief, her involvement in it is fundamental and much broader than one might think. This has been made known, in an interview published on Twitter with journalist Kevin McCarthy, where he has dropped that "she plays Love", the daughter of the Butcher of the Gods. And it was precisely the death of the little girl at the beginning of the film that marked Gorr's destiny to undertake his crusade against the gods and want to annihilate them all.

Is 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Streaming on Disney+, HBO Max or Netflix?

Of course, to execute such a daring plan, he needed to attract Thor, who once he snatched his powerful Stormbreaker hammer, he would use the Bifrost to open a path to the door of Eternity in which Eternity resides. An abstract cosmic entity grants a wish to the first living being that is capable of reaching it so that it eradicates all the deities that inhabit the universe.

However, all this changes when the infamous wielder of the Necrosword - now destroyed - succumbs to his deadly curse. It is then, when he, dying, asks that her daughter be resurrected from her and asks the God of Thunder to take care of her as he could not do in her life.

China's film regulators have yet to give Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder a release date, and it looks like it never will. Sources from two major movie chains in China told The Hollywood Reporter that they hope the fourth installment, starring the god of thunder, will face the same fate as Pixar's Light year, which was denied approval due to scenes in the film involving LGBTQ+ characters.

The Beijing censors never publicly explain or comment on their decisions. But industry participants inside and outside of China are carefully scrutinizing such moves and communicating with authorities to determine where the lines are drawn. In Lightyear's case, it was believed that a same-sex kiss between Hawthorne's character and his partner would negate any chance of a release in China, where LGBTQ+ storytelling is banned in most theaters (the film also was banned in the Middle East, Malaysia, and Indonesia).

When will Thor: Love and Thunder stream on Disney Plus?

Similarly, it is believed that Thor: Love and thunder will not pass China's censorship process due to some brief LGBTQ+ moments, including suggestions that the Valkyrie character (played by Tessa Thompson) is bisexual and that Korg's character he is gay.

Thor: Ragnarok made $112 million in China in 2017, so losing the Asian country's market will certainly hurt Love and Thunder's worldwide sales total. More significant for Disney, however, is the fact that Thor is far from the only Marvel hero to face the wrath of Chinese censors. Possibly China's favorite Hollywood film franchise for nearly a decade, Marvel has seen its last seven productions go unreleased in the country.

Industry observers have come up with different reasons why each movie ran afoul of regulators, but the longer the trend continues, the more it seems like a deliberate effort to temper Marvel's local popularity.

Black Widow was the first Marvel title not to be released in China; some speculated that China passed on the film after Disney released it directly to Disney+ due to the pandemic, while others said the film's vague depictions of communism via the Red Guardian character upset regulators.

The Eternals, by Oscar-winning Chinese director Chloé Zhao, was the next to miss the cut, in this case due to a statement the filmmaker made years ago in an interview that was interpreted as critical of China.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings were thought to suffer a similar fate due to an earlier interview star Simu Liu gave in which she spoke about China as a "third world" country. Spider-Man: No Way Home reportedly featured the Statue of Liberty too much for Beijing censors' liking, while Sony Pictures' Venom: There Will Be Carnage was removed due to old Tom Hardy comments deemed racially insensitive towards the Statue of Liberty. Chinese people.

Thor: Love and Thunder is making Thor: The Dark World good

Hollywood studios have occasionally removed queer characters from their films to appease China's censors, reaping higher box office receipts in the process. Prior to its acquisition by Disney, 20th Century Fox removed all mention of Freddie Mercury's homosexuality from Bohemian Rhapsody to ensure its release in China, and Warner Bros. removed dialogue referring to a gay relationship from Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore's Secrets earlier this year.

Recently, however, Disney has taken the position that it does not remove gay content in order to appease censors in the territories where it distributes its theatrical films. The studio refused to cut a "gay moment" from the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie in 2017 when Malaysian content regulators objected, and stood firm with Lightyear in the various markets where the film was blocked. .

That Thor: Love and Thunder does not make it to China release is quite a blow to Marvel Studios, now that China's movie earnings potential had finally started to pick up in recent weeks after a long period of COVID shutdowns in major movie theaters. cities. The crime thriller Detectives vs. Sleuths, took second place behind Lighting Up the Stars over the past weekend with a debut of 23.1 million. Meanwhile, Universal's Jurassic World Dominion fell to third place, taking in $6.3 million for a total of $144.3 million.

A clip of Taika Waititi, director of Thor: Love and Thunder and Teesa Thompson (Valkyrie) commenting on the visual effects of the film, as part of an interview in Variety has gone viral, causing discomfort in a sector, with good reason.

How cinema transformed mythological goddesses into superheroines

The clip has gone viral around the same time that Dhruv Govil, a member of the visual effects team for Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man: Homecoming, posted a Twitter thread criticizing Marvel Studios' work policies. As he explained, it is particularly difficult to work with the study, with strenuous work sessions that end up burning many professionals.

In the viral clip, Taika Waititi and Teesa Thompson laugh at Korg's appearance in a scene. Both suggest that he looks too unreal in some shots. The comments seem to be out of tune, because in the end it is a criticism of the team, of which Waititi is ultimately responsible as director of Thor: Love and Thunder.

In social networks, the clip is cited as an immense example of a lack of tact and sensitivity towards a team of people who have to face impossible delivery dates and, at the same time, low salaries. Dhruv Govil explained that working with Marvel Studios was what pushed him to leave the Hollywood visual effects industry. "They're a horrible client and I've seen a lot of colleagues break down from being burned out while Marvel continues to cut budgets." Although Govil may not be referring to Thor: Love and Thunder, it seems that the film suffers from the same problems as the rest of the studio's productions.

Todd Sheridan Perry, another visual effects specialist who worked with Marvel, explained in March 2022 that due to almost impossible delivery times, the final scene of Black Panther did not reach the desired quality, as he explained in an interview for Inverse. . The final battle has been especially criticized for its low quality, a product of the very short time the studio had to finish it.

Watch the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Red Carpet Premiere

In the end Thor: Love and Thunder suffers from the same problem as all other Marvel Studios productions. There are times when the visual effects just don't seem up to par. Even his own director accepts it in the interview.

In that sense, Alvaro Wasabi, director, screenwriter and content creator with a YouTube channel, has delved into why we still see bad visual effects in movies with large productions, especially in movies like Cats, Harry Potter or Spider-Man: Homecoming. . It is not only a matter of budgets and time, it is a matter of culture within the studios.

And that is the most difficult thing to change, the work culture in Hollywood, where directors do not seem to give enough value and importance to the development of visual effects in films. An especially serious issue in the case of Marvel Studios.

'Thor: Love and Thunder', the fourth solo movie of the MCU character, has nothing to fear in terms of his performance. We can put all the objections in Begins the world to how Taika Waititi has managed this new installment and if Marvel shows signs of exhaustion, but it is clear that for now, the public responds. 302 million dollars at the box office worldwide, 143 only in the US (a tad below high expectations), and the third best weekend of the year (after 'Doctor Strange 2' and 'Jurassic World: Dominion').

However, there are buts to put to the film, and perhaps the one that is being talked about the most is the film's special effects, somewhat neglected for a production of this magnitude. We already commented that it is not that visual artists are bad, but rather the reflection of an endemic situation in the industry and the ways of producing. Let's delve a little deeper into this topic.

But what about the effects of 'Thor: Love and Thunder'?

Let's start with a merely anecdotal detail, but highly significant. A clip is circulating online of Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson openly laughing at the film's digital effects problems in an interview with 'Vanity Fair'. They clearly do it without bad intentions: we all know that Korg is a character that has no physical presence and no matter how it is noted, the attitude is not sitting particularly well in a production sector that is particularly mistreated, it cannot unionize to improve their rights and has to abide by very strict deadlines. Now we will get into it.

Korg, however, is not the biggest problem with 'Thor: Love and Thunder'. The comparison with 'Thor: Ragnarok' and, above all, with the character's first two films, show much less elaborate effects. The digital backgrounds are especially poor and the characters are poorly integrated into them, revealing that they are in front of a screen. It is striking that the highly sophisticated technology that gave such impressive results as 'The Mandalorian' is, a few years later, the cause that 'Thor: Love and Thunder' sometimes seems like a SyFy movie.

And it is not so much a question of technical failures, but of a much less careful art direction, and that is what generates sequences like the absolutely incredible one of the floating heads of children, or this one that is circulating on social networks as an obvious example of theme.

It's Time for Fans to Watch Superheroes Like They Read Them

A problem that Disney has been dragging for a long time. As we discussed Propaganda a few days ago, one of the keys to the problem is that Marvel can't keep up: three movies and five series a year, no matter how much they are produced independently and that obviously the media that is injected into a product for television is not are equivalent to those of a film production, they have the house saturated. And yes: each product has its own team, but there are common work processes, a single production directive led by Kevin Feige and global budgets at Disney that, without a doubt, affect the individual means of each film.

Back in the days of the first two Thor movies, for example, there were two Marvel movies made a year, and the care with which the special effects section was treated was incomparable to what we see now. Paradoxically, 'Thor: Love and Thunder' is a movie, on the whole, better than 'Thor' or 'Thor: The Dark World' (perhaps the worst movie in the entire MCU), but the special effects were then incomparably superior.

Thor: Love & Thunder can boast of being one of the shortest movies in the MCU and, even so, being one of the ones with the most content and surprises (in addition to two of the best Marvel battles). Waititi's film goes very fast in everything he does and because of that we may miss too many things. Although we know that we will see it again when it arrives at Disney +, the truth is that there are times when it is difficult to bear the doubts when leaving the cinema. One of them is the cameos. There are many and most are so fast that you may have a hard time getting to see them, or at least identify them. These are all the cameos in Thor: Love & Thunder.

'Thor: Love and Thunder' is the best box office debut for an Asgardian superhero movie

We all knew that the big return of the fourth installment of Thor would be marked by the Machine return of Natalie Portman's Jane Foster to the franchise. More than that, we knew that she would return as Mighty Thor, wielding Mjölnir. Although he is quite a different character from the scientist we met, more than anything because he now has the powers of a God, the film shows us his two scientific teammates. First, it is her lover Darcy (Kat Dennings) who accompanies her in her chemotherapy and then it is her former boss, Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård), who emphasizes the seriousness of her illness.

It will be a disappointment for many to see that the presence of the Guardians of the Galaxy in this Thor tape is at least testimonial. Basically, it serves for a prologue narrated by Korg in which Thor again decides to go solo. Only Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) has more than a couple of catchphrases. Drax (Dave Bautista), Nebula (Karen Gillian), Mantis (Pom Klementieff), Groot (Vin Diesel), Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Kraglin (Sean Gunn) also appear. No trace, however, of Zoe Saldana's Gamora. With the shooting of Avatar 2 he would not be for cameos.

Perhaps they are the most difficult cameos to see. We already knew that the film was shot in Australia and that Hemsworth's family was constantly with him on set, but not that they would have so much space on the screen. To begin with, when Korg tells us about Thor's sexual love life before Jane Foster we can see his wife, Elsa Pataky, as the werewolf with whom he, well, he had relations on a giant wolf. What can we say about this... That you have to keep the spark in marriage no matter what. Also, in the sequence where we see Thor grow from a child to an adult as he runs, the child Thor is Sasha, one of his two boys.

Thor: Love and Thunder is out Friday Ms. Marvel wraps up on Disney+ next week.

The starring role, however, goes to the princess of the house, India Rose. The young daughter of Hemsworth and Pataky plays Gorr's daughter and, although she is only present in the first and last two scenes of the film, her role is the most relevant. Ultimately Thor adopts her as her daughter and ends up receiving the name "Love" from the title. If there is a fifth installment of Thor, it should, in principle, repeat the role.

Thor returned for his fourth solo film and Chris Hemsworth's real-life daughter, India Rose Hemsworth, appeared alongside her father as the "Love" of the title 'Love and Thunder' in the final scenes of the film.

Love is the ward of Thor and the daughter of Christian Bale's Gorr. She calls Thor 'Uncle Thor' and together they are known as 'Love and Thunder.' "I love the power kids have in times like that," Hemsworth said. "It's a good reminder, all of that, for all of us to stay true to who we are and not get caught up in the self-importance of all of this."

Christian Bale, who shared scenes with India, revealed that Hemsworth was always on set when her daughter performed.

What We're Watching 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Hammers

"Chris is a wonderfully caring father, off camera all the time, just checking on her, giving me the thumbs up, I giving her the thumbs up, she was in control," Bale explained. "It was really endearing to watch the two of them. He left her alone, and she did it alone."

It was Hemsworth himself who suggested a scene opposite his daughter India that became a larger role. Director Taika Waititi said, "I felt like it was a really nice way to end the movie with Chris and his daughter and have it be 'Love and Thunder.'"

Indeed, Thor: Love and Thunder is full of surprises. And, among them, one of the biggest is the one that we find in his first post-credits scene, when we are introduced to what could be the next great enemy of Chris Hemsworth and his hammer in the cinema.

We are talking about Hercules, of course. The first epilogue of the film shows us a Zeus (Russell Crowe) pissed off by the little attention that marvelite humanity pays to the gods since the appearance of superheroes, and entrusting his son to put the pears in the room to the Asgardian.

Beyond the fact that Zeus is not a nice character in the film (funny he is, and a lot), we can say that it is natural to be resentful when a representative of another pantheon has dealt you a lethal blow with your own lightning. But what interests us is what the hell does the demigod, played by Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso), do in an MCU movie.

On July 8, Thor: Love and Thunder landed in theaters, the new movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that brings Natalie Portman back by adapting the arc of the comics in which Jane Foster assumes the powers and title of the God of Thunder while undergoing cancer treatment.

Although it seemed that the movie Thor: Love and Thunder could be the last appearance of Chris Hemsworth in the UCM and that from now on Jane Foster would take the witness, finally not only has this not been the case, but Jane dies because the The use of Mjolnir accelerated the cancer he was suffering from, which was already in stage four.

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